Iolanda Azorín fundadora de Lolaletost mordedores de caucho natural en forma de tostadas

this is lolaletost

A mother like you!

Because I also like my children to smile, grow up and learn something new. I love it when we share toast for breakfast or make dinner together. I’m inspired by everyday moments. It’s them.

A fun and responsible brand

Made of natural rubber. Respectful of the environment. Our toasts will be the delight of the little ones and will amuse the older ones in the house.

Iolanda Lolaletost founder

Being a responsible brand is fun!

We want to share our commitment to the planet
because the future can only be sustainable and the sooner our children know this, better.


Environmental responsibility

Our teethers are meant to have a long life. They are hand-painted and non-toxic. Our brand was born for the love of good food and knowing how to enjoy it.




Everything is manual and sustainable

Hand-painted, non-toxic. In Lolaletost we work in a handmade way each biter. In addition, they are made in one piece and do not have any holes, so that no water can enter inside them and thus avoid bacteria.


Our teethers are safe and ecological, because it is important to have fun without harming the environment.


We play with the planet in mind. And you?

Lolaletost natural rubber baby teethers